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When we work together to break down the barriers of poverty, one classroom inspires a generation, one vaccination stops a preventable disease and one seed becomes a harvest, building a brighter future for all.

That’s why we’re for Australian Aid.

I'm for Australian Aid

Australian Aid helps the world’s most promising people build a better and fairer future.

A world of difference

Australian Aid is the name we give to the many significant ways that we come together to help communities reduce poverty and build a better and fairer future.

In the last 20 years, humanity has made great progress in shaping a more just and equal world. Together, through Australian Aid, we have played a part in that story. We want to call Australians to celebrate our important contributions on the world stage, and ensure that as a nation we are for Australian Aid.

Why Now?

Australia’s foreign aid budget has suffered from successive cuts, and has lost the bi-partisan support it once held. These have dramatically set back our national contribution to the crucial progress of international development.

Australian Aid makes an incredible difference in the lives of people across our region, and across the world. Now is a critical time for us to stand up for this life-changing work.

We're for Australian Aid

The Campaign for Australian Aid is backed by incredible partners across the Australian development sector.

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We’re a movement of Australians across the country passionate about the great work Australian Aid does:

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Now, more than ever, Australia needs strong support behind the life-changing work of aid.
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